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The history of Lambretta in Taiwan is not one that has had much written about it. What details are known, are at best sketchy and delving into material owned by the B.L.A. it became clear that further research on this matter is necessary.


The Instruction Book for the Series 2 Li 150 that we own shows the Taiwanese agents as: Yung Dah Trading Co Ltd, 55 Po Ai Road, Taipei. But by 1962 a technical agreement had been signed between Innocenti and the Yue Loong Motor Co Ltd, 16 Sing Yang  Street, Taipei. It is not known if Yue Long manufactured complete scooters or just component parts. It is known that the Series 3 TV 175 were made by Yue Loong and these came with a chrome ring. As with the Italian models, these were available with both Li and Special style panels. The frame numbers are unusual in that they start with the prefix YLL then a - then 175TV3 then a - and then an 8 digit frame number (on the machine that we have seen photos of). In terms of paint schemes we have seen photos of the Li panelled TVs in white with contrast colours on the horncast and side panels and the Special panelled TV's in silver.


Yue Loong did go to the extent of stamping their products with a three legged symbol - very similar to the Manx three legged symbol and these are inside a circle. It appears that Yue Loong manufactured their own parts whether that be sheet metal stampings or aluminium casings.


We are aware that the TV175s had rubber floor mats produced for them and these are YUNFA PRODUCT at the front and have Lambretta along both sides of the raised centre section. 


As well as the TV 175's we are also aware of a number of J range machines that  were also available. These being the later frame type that has the longer bench seat fitted. The seat being burgundy in colour.


One interesting point is the use of small oval indicator lenses that were fitted on the side of the mudguards of the TV's and the J range - though it is not known if these were wired into the scooters electrical system.


Once we have further information and photos we will add them to this page.