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The DL/GP 200 & Electronic Register

 Under Construction

This register seeks to place as much information as possible, in one central place, to show the details of DL/GP 200 machines and the DL/GP 200 Electronic machines. This information has been compiled by Michael Green and should you wish to add your machine to this Register then please email Michael at: michaelpd.green@live.co.uk


I will add machines to the list that I have found within material held by the British Lambretta Archive


1969 Machines 

Innocenti Lambretta DL/GP 200 (no Electronics as these did not come into production until mid 1970)


The numbers at the bottom of the table are machines that were registered here in the UK in 1969 and for which I have the full frame and engine numbers.




 Frame Number



 6 or 12 volt BattMetal or Plastic Trim Grey or Black toolbox  Orig or restored on/off road Colour  
 GP  2500**  Points 6Batt  Metal Grey Orig On Road Ochre  
 GP 2500** Points 6Batt Metal Grey RestOn Road Purple  
GP  2514** Points 6 No batt Metal Grey Rest On Road Ochre 
 GP 2518**



 12 No batt Metal Grey RestOn RoadWhite  
 GP 2522** Modern elec 12 No batt Metal Grey RestOn Road Grey  
 GP 2538** Modern elec 12 No batt Metal Grey Rest On Road  Gold 
 GP 2510**  Regd May 69        
 GP 2510**  Regd May 69        
 GP 2513**  Regd June 69        
 GP 2510**  Regd June 69        
 GP  2516** Regd June 69        
 GP 2510**  Regd June 69        
 GP 2519** Regd July 69        
 GP 2520** Regd July 69        
 GP 2522** Regd Aug 69        
 GP 2525** Regd Aug 69        
 GP 2526** Regd Aug 69        
 GP 2522** Regd Sep 69        
 GP 2538** Regd Sep 69        
 GP 2538** Regd Sep 69        
 GP 2525** Regd Oct 69        
 GP 2516** Regd Oct 69        
 GP 2527** Regd Oct 69        
 GP 2520** Regd Nov 69        
 GP 2538** Regd Nov 69        
 GP 2538** Regd Nov 69        



1970 Machines 


 DL 2542** Points 6 No battPlastic  GreyOrig Off Road Ochre  UK
 DL  2253** Points 6 No batt Plastic Black Rest On road Ochre UK
 DL 2554** Mod. Elec 12 No batt Metal Grey Rest On Road Red UK
 GP 2255* Points 6  No batt Metal Grey Rest On Road Ochre UK
 GP 2256** Points 6 Batt N/K N/K Being Rest Off Road Ochre UK
 DLE 2562** Orig Elec 6 No batt Metal Grey Orig On Road Ochre UK
 GP 2563** Points 6 Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Yellow UK
 GP 2564** Mod Elec 12Batt  Metal Grey To be rest Off Road Ochre UK
DLE  2566** Elec 6  Plastic Grey Orig On Road Ochre 
GP  2568** Mod Elec 12 No Batt Metal Grey Rest On Road Ochre 
 DLE 2569** Orig Elec 6 No batt Plastic Black Rest On Road White UK
 DL 2571** Mod Elec 12 No batt Metal Grey Rest On Road Ochre UK
 GP 2275** Points 6 Batt Plastic Black Orig On Road Red UK
 DLE 2575** Orig Elec 6 No batt Metal Black Rest On Road Ochre UK
 GP  2575** Points 6 Batt Plastic Black Rest Off Road Ochre UK
GP   2577** Orig Elec No Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Red 
GP   2578** Orig Elec 6 No Batt Plastic Black rest On Road Red 
GPE  2578** Orig Elec 6 Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Ochre UK
 GP 2580** Mod Elec 12 No Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Red UK
 GPE 2580** Orig Elec 6 No Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road White UK
 GP 2582** Mod Elec 12 Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Ochre UK
 GPE 2584** Orig Elec 6 Batt Plastic Black Being Rest Off Road Ochre UK
 GPE 2584** Orig Elec 6 Batt Plastic Black Being Rest Off Road Blue  UK


 1971 Machines


 DLE 2587** Orig Elec 6 No battPlastic  Black RestOn Road Ochre Germany 
 GPE 2590** Orig Elec Batt Plastic Grey Rest On Road Ochre UK
 GPE 2591** Orig Elec6 Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Red UK
 GPE 2591** Orig Elec Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Ochre UK
 GPE 2592** Orig Elec No Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road Red UK
 GPE 2593** Orig Elec Batt Plastic Black Rest On Road White UK