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Series 3 Frame Change: Modification sheet S/40 of 12.05.1965 deals with the change over of the old chrome ring frames to the new non-chrome ring frames. Also changed at the same time were the headset bottoms and legshields. This modifications is relevant to the Li 125, 150, TV 175 and Li 150 Special models.

4 Pole to 6 Pole: On 26.9.1962 Innocenti made a change from 4 pole to 6 pole magneto's the machines where this change started are as follows:

Li 125 (Series 3) from frame number 036626 onwards

Li 150 (Series 3) from frame number 631475 onwards

TV 175 (Series 3) from frame number 507945 onwards

Antivibration Plugs: The Series 3 machines had 4 anti-vibration plugs fitted to the flywheel cowling from the following frame numbers:

Li 125 (Series 3) - frame number 038839 onwards

Li 150 (Series 3) - frame number 633086 onwards

TV 175 (Series 3) - frame number 508889 onwards

Golden & Silver badges: Modification sheet T/73 of 05.05.1965 deals with the introduction of two new badges for the Li 150 Special. These badges being the silver and golden badges that were now used on the legshields.

TV 175 (Series 3) & TV 200 Side Panel Change: The 09.12.1963 saw Innocenti change the Li style sidepanels on the TV 175 & TV 200 to the Li 150 Special style panels.

200 Jet: Not sure which model Innocenti were referring to here but sheet G/49 from 21.03.66 refers to the cylinder and cylinder assembly for a 200 Jet. The sheet states that the model is no longer manufactured and that the pistons and assemblies from it cannot be fitted to the Lambretta X 200. Maybe the 200 Jet is what the Italians called the TV 200?