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Having had many requests since the BLA's inception in 2002 we are now happy to announce that we will be accepting requests for membership of the British Lambretta Archive.


Our aim is to have a membership that is willing to share its Lambretta information - whether that be images, publications or knowledge with other members. In essence to carry out the BLA's quest of being Dedicated to Preserving the Heritage of Lambretta.


There is NO cost for membership, and likewise there is NO committee and therefore NO constitution and NO rules.


If you wish to become a member of the BLA then please e-mail us at: BLAAuthentications@hotmail.co.uk with your name and which area of the country you reside in i.e. Pete Davies, Leicestershire. We will then add you to our membership list and we will e-mail you your membership number.


In time we will look at the feasability of producing items such as club wear, legshield banners, booklets etc.