Series 4 Register...

In 1967 Innocenti embarked on the production of 1,400 Li 125 scooters. The reason behind this production run is not known and is likely to have been an order that was placed and then not followed up. Unlike the Series 3 machine, which this initially looks like, the Series 4 had some new characteristics:

  • Clip on side panels
  • Oblong horncast badge
  • Was non-chrome ring
  • Supplied with a dark blue seat
  • Push in fork buffers
  • Grey plastic tool box
  • GP style stand
  • Different horncast

Overtime these machines have started to surface and the BLA know of approximately 10 machines in the UK - in fact 3 of them reside in Leicestershire (Hinckley, Loughborough and Leicester).

We're keen to find as many owners of the Series 4 as possible, and to this end, if you own a Series 4 Li, then maybe you'd like to contact us so that we can add you to our database so that we can see how many of these rare Lambrettas still exist.

series 4 lambretta

Lambretta Series 4 Li 125.