Dealers We Use And Useful Links...

Lambretta Cottage Restorations: Run by Zak and Julie Kerrison, LCR are located in Doncaster. The phrase "small BUT perfectly formed" nicely sums up LCR. A wide variety of spares and parts at very competitive prices along with restoration of Lambretta scooters make LCR a must visit for your list... Lambretta Cottage Restorations

Spark Kustom Scooters: Run by Mark Lloyd - a talented and ingenious man. Mark is based in Ryde on the Isle of Wight and can over servicing, restoration, customisation and help with those Lambretta related tasks that you're struggling with. With plenty of years experience behind him Mark is well worth a call. Check out his site at... Spark Kustom Scooters

Casa Lambretta UK: Located down in Weston Super Mare, Casa Lambretta UK is worth a visit just to look at the scooters and the showroom itself. In stock are over 2,000 items and these range from seats to embellishers theyve gotta be on your list of dealers to visit. Casa Lambretta UK

Rimini Lambretta Centre: Run by the duo that are Dean Orton and Paolo Catani. The Rimini Lambretta boys seem to be able to get their hands on some nice machines and some even nicer accessories. Quick service and very helpful and knowledgeable people... Rimini Lambretta Centre

WS9 Scooterworks Ltd: Owned and run by Daz. His shop's a mecca of memorabilia and is worth a visit to Aldrige in Walsall for that alone. WS9 do spares, repairs, mail order and can sell you that classic Lambretta or Vespa that your after. Find them at... WS9 Scooterworks Ltd

Totally Scooters: Cumbria based Totally Scooters is owned by Perry Lewis - who's a mine of information on Spanish built Lambrettas. They sell scooters and do a large amount of mail order. Their website can be found at: Totally Scooters

Scooter Restorations: Nottingham based and run by Paul Brierley. What can I say about them - fantastic mail order, good website and a huge amount of stock for Italian and Indian machines. Well worth a visit... Scooter Restorations

ESP Scooters: Run by Eric and Julie Tudor who when they are not at their shop can be found at most scooter rallies and parts fairs throughout the UK. Two of the nicest people you could meet. They do restorations, sales, services and mail order. View their site at: ESP Scooters

Wakefield Scooters: Builders of some very nice custom scooters, including Liquidator and Going Underground. The shop is small but perfectly formed and John is a mine of knowledge. Whether it's a restoration or a customisation that you're after then give them a visit. Their website is at... Wakefield Scooters

Cambridge Lambretta Workshop: THE place for all your Mugello, Imola and Monza goodies. Trev, Pete, Jason and Ben have to be 4 of the most knowledgeable fellas about. They do fantastic mail order, and stock a large number of scooters and parts. Their website can be found at... Cambridge Lambretta Workshop

Beedspeed: Another fantastic mail order set up by the Grimsby based lads. They stock every conceivable part and turnaround times are phenomenal. Check them out at... Beedspeed

MB Developments: Mark, Ian and Slacker Phil - the original 3 amigos. Tuning that is second to none, mail order that is second to none and three top blokes behind it all. See their wares at... MB Developments

Scooter Essentials: Based in Leek (Stafforshire) and a relativeley new company of just 2 years BUT a business that has grown in that time. They now have an online shop so check them out...Scooter Essentials

Glasgow Lambretta: run by a David and a business that has steadily grown over the past few years. Glasgow Lambretta stock fully restored machines, parts and can offer pre-MOT services for your Lambretta. Check them out...Glasgow Lambretta

Downtown Scooters: run by Andy and Andy (just to make things simple!!) the Lea Marston (in leafy Warwickshire) set up has been around for a few years now. The boys work on both Lambretta and Vespa scooters and have a reputation based on hard work and a quality product.

Racing at Cadwell Park 1960's.