Lambretta In Print...

The British Lambretta Archive has a vast collection of scooter magazines and articles from the 1950's onwards. On this page we will list what articles appear where in our collection.



  • October: J 125 Starstream (Road Test).
  • November: Atlanta GT 200 Sprinter, Wal Phillips Fuel Injector, Supertune Speed Up, Supertune SX 200 Rallye (Road Test).
  • December: Ancilloti Sprinter.


  • January: AF SX 200 S Type (Road Test), Lambretta De-Coke.
  • February: Supertune 225 (Track Test).
  • March: AF 250 S Type (Road Test).
  • April: SX 150 (Road Test), Lambrettino (Road Test).
  • May: SX 150 Strip.
  • June: Lambretta Suspension Strip.
  • August: AF Pathfinder Lights.
  • October: Lambretta sprinters.



  • January: Cento fork strip.
  • March: SX 150 (Road Test).
  • April: Lambretta Conversions.
  • June: Dell'Orto SH1/18-19-20 Carb Service Guide.
  • July: Mag Care (6 Pole Ducati), 125 Super Starstream (Road Test).
  • December: Vega (Road Test).


  • January: Li 150 Service, Supertune Rallye (Road Test).
  • April: GP 150 (Road Test), GT 200 Fork Swap, Wildcat.
  • May: Wal Phillips Fuel Injectors, Oakley Mk 3 SX 200, GP 200 (Road Test).
  • June: Cometa (Road Test).



  • June:Centrespread of custom Lambrettas (including Firefox).
  • July: Clockwork Orange, Lil Deuce Scoot.
  • August: Warlord (custom chopper).
  • October: French Connection, Italian Stallion, MSC Dealer Special.
  • November: Chris Bucks racing scooter (Leeds Central team).


  • January: Dell'orto Inveader, Taffspeed 240, Thriller Killer, Maniac not arf, MSC Dealer Special.
  • February/March:Further Temptations, That little bit extra, Beedspeed prototype 400cc engine, Pinball Wizard.
  • April: Dazzle, Green Demon, Alspeed special, Project 7.
  • May: Dazzle, Romantic Warrior.
  • June: Fork Lightning (custom chopper).
  • July/August: Street racers, Sign of the snake, Athena, Fife Piper.


  • January/February: Assassin.
  • March/April: AF 5 port barrel, Sweeter than wine, PJ Scooters cutdown, custom AF Super 250 S Type.
  • May/June: The Scream, Autumn: England Expects, Mask, Warlord.



  • Aug/Sep: TS2 (Custom GP), The Fix (Custom cutdown).
  • Oct/Nov: Wrangler GP 240, Sweet & Innocenti GP 200, Meat is Murder (GP 200 chopper).
  • Dec/Jan: Write up on the Ross 350, write up on SIL.

1991: Their Finest Hour (Custom GP), Midhurst Detours SC (Custom GP), Death in the afternoon (Custom GP).